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Buy Juul competitors Pod Devices with charging via USB

To get familiar with pods and let you buy Juul competitors Pod Devices, we selected several open and closed systems.
The presented devices are suitable for the “average user” and are approximately equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. In numbers, it looks like this:

Evaporating 1.5 ml of liquid (standard tank) takes about 300 mAh of battery.
To quench nicotine hunger, comparable to one pack of medium-sized cigarettes per day, 0.4 ml of liquid with a strength of 50 mg / ml is required. With a decrease in strength, more puffs will be required for “smoking”, which means more fluid.

In pod systems, salt nicotine is mainly used, so it was he who was taken for calculations. There are also devices with “ordinary” nicotine, its average strength is about 12 mg / ml, but such a liquid will give less “smokiness”, but more vape.
Accordingly, a device with a 1.5 ml tank, 300 mAh battery capacity, and filled with liquid with saline nicotine, will work for 2 to 3 days without recharging and refueling.
If you use a weaker liquid, for example, 20 mg / ml, then the battery life will be reduced to one day, you may even have to recharge the pod. Fortunately, charging takes about 20 minutes, and replacing the cartridge takes a few seconds.

The British pod-system, distinguished by form – while most sub-mods try to maintain the “stick” format, that is, “sticks”, SMPO decided to make an oval model. A tight puff, activated without a button. USB charging, no leaks, color indication (3 colors), showing the charge level.
Phix by MLV. When you buy Juul competitors Pod Devices, you will look for a stylish pod-system, which gained great popularity and displaced the previous “king of the segment” – Juul. Phix “beat” its competitor because of the magnetic mounting of the cartridge and more convenient charging – after these technologies began to be used in other pod-systems.
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