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How to make your e-liquid: all about DIY!

What is a DIY e-liquid? It means “ do it yourself ”, a DIY e-liquid is none other than the possibility of creating your tailor-made e-liquid and controlling its creation from A to Z.

With the advantage of being personalized, the aspect of the DIY seduces more than one: you have the possibility of choosing the flavours you want with the level of nicotine you want, and incorporating them into a base. In addition to the satisfaction of creating your e-liquid, you will be proud of it!

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Electronic cigarette: hot or cold steam?

Each vaper has their preferences. Some seek a deeper hit with an indirect hit (MTL) while others prefer a round, airy vapour with a direct hit (DL). Similarly, some are fond of a hot vape while others prefer it rather warm or cold. What are cold vapour clearomizers or cold vapour atomizers? Whether you are a sub-ohm or tight vape enthusiast, how can you control the temperature of the inhaled vapour? What are the little tricks to get the desired temperature and volume of the steam? Are there hot vapour electronic cigarettes or warm vapour e-cigarettes?

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Which atomizer to choose and buy in 2022?

If you are a beginner with electronic cigarettes, you can use our filter tool for rebuildable atomizers. You will be guided to the best reconstructable atomizer  2022 for flavour or even the best BF or MTL dripper of the moment for vapour.

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How to add a nicotine booster to an e-liquid?

The new European Union directives on tobacco products limit the purchase of e-liquid volumes to a ceiling of 10 ml. For those who manufacture their e-liquid, an addition of a booster to the liquid of 0 mg/ml is essential. This article is a nicotine booster tutorial to help you prepare your DIY.

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Salt Nix e-liquid wholesale

Today we want to introduce one of the best vape juice brands list from Salt Nix, which has devoted itself to developing quality -liquid flavors. The company closely cooperates with different manufacturers, which are engaged in the manufacture of devices for vaping. We are confident that more modern devices will be able to even better disclose all the notes of e-liquid brands from this manufacture

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All-in-one (AIO) new Juul compatible pods UK hits

New Juul compatible pods UK hits are Smoant Pasito devices. For operating, the users have five available power modes: 10, 13, 16, 20 and 25 watts. Switching occurs when a special button is pressed. For this tank, the manufacturer introduced not only two types of replaceable evaporators: MTL Ni-80 Coil 1.4 Ohm and DTL Mesh Coil 0.6 Ohm, but also a special RBA base for one spiral.

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Vape flavors without nicotine will prevent your addiction

Those who could get rid of nicotine addiction are satisfied with imitation, namely electronic cigarettes, having vape flavors without nicotine. In this case, the key is the choice of fluid, because the presence of nicotine gives them special e-liquid flavors. Therefore, non-nicotine fluids are not always effective for some users. Well-known manufacturers produce e-liquid brands with different levels of nicotine or without it: there must be a remark on the package how much of this substance is added.

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User modes of mods for vape UK typical models

People who are just starting to vape usually choose simple electronic cigarettes. They are controlled by a single button, easy to refuel and are not so expensive as to regret the money spent, if vaping is not suitable for some reason.
Those who liked electronic cigarettes as a substitute for smoking eventually think more about the device with finer settings. Today we will tell you what user modes of mods for vape UK typical models exist, what advantages and disadvantages they have and what you should pay attention to when choosing mods for vape UK typical models.

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Open-type Juul competitors UK-popular devices

Juul competitors UKAPOLLO BREZ and GeekVape Aegis Boost are Juul competitors UK-popular devices.

APOLLO BREZ is an open-type vaping kit with replaceable cartomizers and 320mAh batteries.

High economic efficiency, height and tilt angle of the saw blade can be adjusted using the flywheel, ease of operation is secured with these Juul competitors UK-popular devices.

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Sikary Spark 2.0 Kit is the best Juul alternative

Sikary Spark 2.0 Kit is the best Juul alternative and an updated set of novice vapers. The previous set, Sikary Spark, was favorably received by the community of lovers of vapor, so the manufacturer, the company Sikary, slightly changing the design, released a second, revised version. The changes affected the battery case and mouthpiece: they became more streamlined, rounded. The indicator displaying the remaining charge has changed. The remaining characteristics of this best Juul alternative are the same.
The battery case is made of aluminum, the cartridge is plastic. The battery is a flattened cylinder in shape, in pen style format.

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