E-Cigarettes in One Place

Why Do We Vape More Than We Smoke?

It is not uncommon to hear a vaper say that they vape a lot more than they used to smoke. When he was a smoker, it took him about 5 minutes to smoke his cigarette and then nothing until the next one. Today, he feels like he constantly has his electronic cigarette in his mouth. In reality, there is an explanation for this, even several for some.

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Which electronic cigarette to choose and how to choose?

There is no “ideal” or “type” electronic cigarette for each smoker, to choose the electronic cigarette that will suit you best you will have to study the particularities of each component of the electronic cigarette (cartridge or tank, battery and resistance ), take into account your current habits (number of traditional cigarettes smoked) but also your future goals (reduce significantly, strongly, stop, discover new flavours, etc.).

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The different types of electronic cigarette accessories

There are a variety of accessories around your vaporizer. Before buying your electronic cigarette, it is important to check the presence of certain elements. The main electronic cigarette accessories include the Clearomizer and the Coils …

There are also other accessories for the optimal use of an electronic cigarette. We offer a wide range of accessories on our site. Let’s discover through our guide, the different accessories of electronic cigarettes.

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Vaping with a new resistance while the cotton is still immaculate, what happiness! The flavours remain unchanged, perfectly perceptible! The taste of your liquid is pronounced, puff after puff, without ever fading… at least the first few days! Indeed, over time, the resistance wears out and the cotton struggles to faithfully restore the flavours which lose slightly in intensity. But then, how do you know when to change the resistance of your electronic cigarette?

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Wishing to offer ever more powerful electronic cigarettes, manufacturers have developed advanced chipsets that come with many settings. These boxes and mods with multiple possibilities are the delights of demanding vapers who want to be able to precisely manage the power, the temperature…

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The electronic cigarette is recognized as the most effective means of weaning. Getting rid of tobacco while having fun is the solution chosen by many former smokers. Sometimes reluctant to embark on the e-cigarette, for fear of being disappointed or for lack of information, the latter have nevertheless dared to take the plunge.

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Today, we are going to witness an exceptional fight between two champions of the vape: on the one hand direct inhalation, and the other indirect inhalation. Those with some vaping experience will know them well, and each of these two heavyweights has its strong supporters.

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What is an electronic cigarette?

Some examples of electronic cigarettes

When I first heard about the electronic cigarette, my first reaction to this novelty was not to take it seriously. But, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a brilliant invention with the potential to revolutionize the way people smoke.

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