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Here is a very often asked question “How to fill the tank of my electronic cigarette? ».

Don’t worry, nothing could be simpler, it just requires knowing a few essential points.

How often do you fill your tank with your electronic cigarette?

All atomizers and clearomizers are not equal in consumption and therefore the refill frequency may vary from one to another.

The main reason will you tell me? Well, there are several:

  • in the first place the power of your resistor in Ohms, the lower the ohms, the more current your battery sends and the more the resistor consumes). 
  • the capacity of your tank also comes into play the smaller it is, the more it must be filled.
  • and finally the frequency and the use of your electronic cigarette, the more you vape, the more you request the resistance, and the more you have to fill the logical clearomizer in itself.

If I can give you my expert opinion, you should never wait for the oil to dry up or the sensation of a change in taste to fill the tank. This will damage your coil more quickly, your cotton pads must be in the e-liquid unless, of course, the coil needs to be changed. Find our article “how to change your resistance”.

But then how to fill the tank of your electronic cigarette?

Nothing very complicated but it will depend on your clearomiser or atomiser, and yes all the manufacturer brands do not have the same system (otherwise it’s not funny).

Let’s start with the filling from the bottom.

You will find this type of filling less and less, which is less simple, but some brands like VOOPOO for the DRAG X cartridge have this type of filling.

For the top filling.

Many brands have this system but again with variations depending on the model.

In this case, it is not necessary to unscrew the clearomiser or atomiser from the box.

There are two types of fillings:

  • either you have to unscrew the upper part called Top Cap and then screw it back on,
  • either by sliding the top cap to be able to fill.

Here are the best practices for these 2 options:

When you have a tank where you have to unscrew the upper part like for the Zeus Sub, the 

Odan or even the SKRR-S you should not put liquid in the “chimney” in the centre – I know it’s tempting, but well in the bean provided for this purpose on the side.

Again, be careful not to overflow by filling too quickly. Once the tank is filled, you just have to screw it back on the box if you had removed it.


For all clearomizers and atomizers that have the filling upwards, remember to close your air inlets (airflow) if they are at the bottom of the tank to avoid all leaks.

Remember to reopen them once the filling is done.

The little extra to know (gift from the house):

  • Remember to fill the tank as said at the beginning of the article. In this way, the resistance remains well soaked and this avoids the phenomenon of a dry hit.
  • When you change product, it is not mandatory to completely clean the clearomiser unless the aromas are very different. There will certainly be a mixture of flavours at the beginning, which can sometimes be surprising and which could later give rise to a mixture of e-liquids to obtain a new taste, but this does not last very long except for the very pronounced aromas.
  • Cleaning of the clearomiser is also necessary periodically. There is no set rule, but every 15 days maximum seems to be a good compromise.
  • When you do not use your clearomiser for more than a day or two, liquid leaks can occur at the level of the air inlets if they are at the bottom.
    This is perfectly normal. This is due to the cotton which gradually takes charge of the liquid and the surplus flows out there. The solution: close the air inlets when you know you won’t be using your clearomiser for a few days.

You now know everything you need to know about “how to fill my electronic cigarette”, it only remains for me to wish you a good vape.