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Choose an electronic cigarette without nicotine

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette to vape without nicotine, know that this option does not pose any particular problem. If there is no material specific to non-nicotine vaping, you can however orient yourself towards e-cigarette references more suited to your choice.

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Overcome nicotine addiction

You are probably in one of the following two scenarios :

  • First possibility: you have started vaping and have already reduced your nicotine level enough to consider vaping at 0 ml/ml. By gradually lowering the nicotine level of your liquids, you are actively acting on your relationship with nicotine addiction. Congratulation!
  • Another possibility, you find yourself in the problem of a light smoker (from 0 to 10 cigarettes per day). Beginner vaper with a low – even very low – nicotine dependence, you vape to maintain the gestures associated with normal cigarettes. To facilitate quitting smoking, the vape should be able to help you quit your smoking habits. 

A new life awaits you!

In addition, if you are new to vaping, be careful not to lower your nicotine level too quickly. This could indeed have the opposite effect on your goal of quitting smoking. By prematurely removing all nicotine from your liquids, you risk not being able to meet enough of your nicotine needs and quickly become discouraged.

An identical material except for a few nuances

If you are already equipped, you should know that vaping without nicotine does not require the purchase of specific equipment. However, depending on the expected effect, some e-cigarette models are more suitable for the consumption of e-liquid without nicotine.

As you generally consume little e-liquid, a small capacity tank should be enough to cover your daily needs. Depending on your situation, small devices may be just right for you, such as pods or even tube kits, also called mods.

The benefits of vaping without nicotine

Vaping without nicotine has a real advantage: it allows you to completely exclude nicotine from your e-liquid consumption with the benefits that we know about health.

By successfully eliminating nicotine, we get rid of the physiological addiction to tobacco! In addition, it is quite possible to continue the vape by favouring an electronic cigarette liquid at 0 mg/ml.

Finally, if you make your DIY e-liquid, the vape without nicotine generates additional savings because you do not need to add nicotine to your mixtures.