E-Cigarettes in One Place


Wishing to offer ever more powerful electronic cigarettes, manufacturers have developed advanced chipsets that come with many settings. These boxes and mods with multiple possibilities are the delights of demanding vapers who want to be able to precisely manage the power, the temperature…

If these ecigarettes have found their audience, other vapers have only one desire: to vape without encountering less difficulty. Quickly, the latter were able to set their sights on disposable electronic cigarette Puffs with intuitive use. Not requiring any knowledge and providing excellent sensations, like the famous Vape Pen Dinner Lady or the essential Wpuff, these puff e-cigarettes allow former smokers to learn about vaping and put an end to their old addictions.


Puff disposable electronic cigarettes are a great springboard for all new vapers! Devoid of any settings, these single-use electronic cigarettes are particularly intuitive and offer sufficient power to meet the majority of needs. The other strong point of these puff disposable ecigarettes is the total absence of handling. The tank which is integrated into them is pre-filled and does not allow the user to add e-liquid or to change the resistance: child’s play! However, if Puff’s electronic cigarettes have undeniable advantages, it is clear that they raise questions on the ecological level. Indeed, as soon as your cigarette puff no longer has any e-liquid or the resistance is at the end of its life, you are obliged to throw away your equipment to replace it with a new one!


If disposable Puffs are a problem for you, fortunately, there are equally effective alternatives! Real e-cigarettes, the Pods can meet the demands of experienced or novice users. Compact, the pods can offer settings, or on the contrary, manage all the parameters without you having to intervene. Unlike disposable electronic cigarettes, the pods are capable of delivering substantial power and will automatically adapt to the resistance put in place: beginners no longer have to worry!

Equipped with a generous reservoir, the pods leave the possibility of changing the used coil and refilling e-liquid when necessary. Thanks to these pods, the only part that is to be thrown away is the resistance: a drastic reduction in waste.


Disposable puff-type electronic cigarettes have major advantages. Simplified to the extreme, these puff ecigarettes allow former smokers to get into vaping without the slightest apprehension. However, if single-use electronic cigarettes, also known as puffs, meet the needs of some users, the waste they generate has a significant impact on our environment, however, manufacturers are stepping up their efforts to make their recyclable puffs. When the cartridge is empty, all you have to do is put the battery of the puff cigarette in a tray dedicated to used batteries! As simple to use as disposable puffs, the pods do not lead to a significant increase in waste and allow new vapers to have quality equipment.