E-Cigarettes in One Place


The electronic cigarette is recognized as the most effective means of weaning. Getting rid of tobacco while having fun is the solution chosen by many former smokers. Sometimes reluctant to embark on the e-cigarette, for fear of being disappointed or for lack of information, the latter have nevertheless dared to take the plunge.

You know it better than anyone, the purchase of your first e-cigarette is accompanied by doubts or even fears, but as soon as you have your box or mod, you only have one idea in mind. : what device will I be able to afford in the future?!

The offer is increasing considerably and manufacturers are competing in ingenuity to arouse our curiosity and push us to change. The choice is colossal but a few questions arise: when to change your electronic cigarette and for what reasons?


The first element that will push you to look for new products is the presence of a malfunction or the loss of your equipment… As sad and rare as it is, this situation has struck all vapers. The dissatisfaction fades and you suddenly realize that this ordeal is the perfect opportunity to acquire a more sophisticated device. All’s well That ends well…

Some of us are also struck by weariness. Our e-cigarette no longer has its power of attraction of yesteryear and it is time to change it for a more recent model with a more elaborate design and greater performance. Just like in love, reason has no place and only your heart speaks! The vape is a story of passion!


In some cases, changing your e-cigarette is a necessity! Over time, our needs change, particularly regarding nicotine. The majority of vapers start their new life at a high rate and little by little the needs decrease drastically. Some will be satisfied with their device and will not feel the need to trade it for another. But other users will want to compensate for this decrease in nicotine levels by using a more powerful e-cigarette. The increase in the power delivered by the box will offer a reasonable hit on the throat without having to resort to a liquid with a high nicotine level! 

On the contrary, users will opt for an atomizer or a clearomizer offering an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape. Under this name hides a tight draw where the amount of air will be restricted. A contained air flow will make the draft indirect and will reinforce the hit!


Relatively recent but very popular, the Pods have paved the way for a new way of vaping. From now on, outings are no longer done without an e-cigarette. With performances approaching more advanced boxes and reduced size, the pods have made a place for themselves in the collection of mobile users! There are more and more of them turning away from their bulky setup to move towards pods with simplified use. Flat ecigarettes have a bright future ahead of them!


In the majority of cases, changing your e-cigarette is not essential. Most often, we renew our device for pleasure and this is what makes the success of vape! Saying goodbye to tobacco without feeling the slightest frustration and better still, while having fun, is the strength of the ecig!