E-Cigarettes in One Place


Today, we are going to witness an exceptional fight between two champions of the vape: on the one hand direct inhalation, and the other indirect inhalation. Those with some vaping experience will know them well, and each of these two heavyweights has its strong supporters.

For beginners, on the other hand, these are just somewhat barbaric terms that refer to two different ways of inhaling the vapour. It may seem incidental to you to know them as there are so many things to know about vaping and its equipment, yet you will quickly realize that they are at the heart of your experience.

Indeed, what is at stake in this match is nothing less than your success in quitting smoking!

Indirect inhalation

To my right, indirect inhalation. Like all sports legends, she goes by many names. You will be able to come across it at the turn of a description of an atomizer or a clearomizer under the beautiful Anglicism of MTL. 

With MTL, everything is in the strategy, since the inhalation is done in two stages. The vapour is first drawn into the mouth where it is held for a few seconds, then sent to the lungs.

Do you suddenly have a feeling of deja vu? This is quite normal since this is how we proceed when we smoke cigarettes. As these allow very little air to pass through, your diaphragm does not have the power necessary to send the smoke directly to the lungs.

This is what can be described as a tight or restrictive draw: when you pull on your e-cigarette, you feel like the air is resisting the draw. With this kind of draw, it is even possible not to send the vapour or the smoke to the lungs: this is how pipe or cigar smokers proceed, or even the technique used by vapers who like to do rounds of vaping, called vape tricks.

It’s also what you were doing when you smoked your first cigarettes (don’t be embarrassed, everyone started to crap)!

Direct inhalation

To my left is direct inhalation, also known as DL, which stands for “Direct to Lung”.

With it, no compromise, we go straight to the point: the inhalation is done in one go. 

This type of inhalation is permitted by devices that allow a lot of air to pass through, such as certain models of atomizers or clearomizers, but also by shisha. We will then speak of aerial or open flow. All these assets make it the great favourite of lovers of monstrous vapour clouds!

To provide such performance, it consumes a lot of e-liquid. On the other hand, she is firmly opposed to doping! With the DL, it is better to avoid nicotine levels that are too high, otherwise, it will knock you out on the first puff. 

Two ways to inhale the vapour for two opposite vaping experiences

The bell has rung, and the fight can begin! From the start of the match, we see that the supporters who support them from the stands are divided into two teams.

On the one hand, direct inhalation appeals to vapers who have long since quit smoking, and we understand them! With its large clouds of steam and the warm sensations it provides, there is plenty to enjoy. For her, it’s all about watts:  her super-powerful boxes and her sub-ohm resistors (whose value is less than 1 ohm) are indeed enough to put stars in the eyes of the biggest vapers.

However, we quickly discern its biggest weakness: no, it’s not its right hook, but the flavours it offers. Of course, there is still enough to make good-tasting e-liquids with direct inhalation, but faced with the incredible richness of tastes offered by indirect inhalation, it does not last the distance

On the other hand, indirect inhalation not only appeals to fine gourmets, but it especially conquers new vapers. With its, no-show, it’s all about efficiency: it delivers its dose of nicotine while producing little vapour and lots of flavours. Much less vicious than its sister, it protects vapers from any risk of choking on a large quantity of vapour.

But I can already see the fans of big clouds booing his performance: he is sure that the show is much less impressive!

Direct inhalation involves sending the vapour directly into the lungs, while indirect inhalation involves accumulating it in the mouth before bringing it down to the lungs.

While the first is a delight for cloud hunters, the second is strongly recommended for beginner vapers who will prefer it because it offers sensations closer to that of a cigarette.

If your heart swings between the two champions, know that there are also hybrid models that accept both high resistance and low resistance. So you can switch from one to the other without having to choose!