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Choose an electronic cigarette without nicotine

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette to vape without nicotine, know that this option does not pose any particular problem. If there is no material specific to non-nicotine vaping, you can however orient yourself towards e-cigarette references more suited to your choice.

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How do I properly maintain my batteries?

If you have an electronic cigarette, have you ever wondered how to properly maintain your batteries? If you haven’t asked yourself the question yet, it doesn’t matter now that you are on this article you will know all the secrets to properly maintaining your batteries. As essential as the various accessories that make up electronic cigarettes, you must take care of and maintain your batteries. The maintenance of a battery is important for its safety but also its longevity. 

Here are some tips for better conservation of your batteries. 

What is a battery? 

Before discovering our tips for maintaining your batteries, let’s remember together what a battery is. Accu, short for the accumulator, is a rechargeable battery that provides the energy necessary for the proper functioning of an electronic cigarette. 

As soon as you purchase a battery, do not throw away the instructions, they will be very useful and if you have already thrown it away, don’t panic, we are here to help you. 

  • Respect the safety rules

When you buy the accumulators of your electronic cigarette, these are accompanied by a notice. Attention, please read the instructions carefully to understand how to protect your battery and what are the safety rules for the latter. However, we know that a large number of you rush and throw the instructions directly as soon as you open the battery. Nevertheless, mishandling and accidents can excite. 

Indeed, many rumours are circulating, in particular, that of “exploding electronic cigarettes”. Do you know why? Quite simply because the positive and negative pole of the battery which is located inside your e-cigarette is in contact with a metallic object. Don’t worry, these are rare cases. In truth, if the safety instructions are respected, the batteries are such that if there is any problem, the battery degasses to cause no damage to your equipment and yourself. A word of advice, read the safety rules carefully when you own an accumulator for the first time. 

  • What to do when you have batteries 

As you suspected, the batteries are extremely fragile so they must be handled well to avoid any damage. To avoid damaging your accumulators, adopt small gestures. First of all, avoid shaking your electronic cigarette because when you shake your e-cig cel it will cause your batteries to move and create micro-shocks which over time will damage your batteries and make them less efficient. To preserve your accumulators from any chronic movement, place them in your bag. Avoid the pockets of your pants! 

Then, avoid exposing your electronic cigarette to the sun. Exposure to the sun can cause materials to heat up and, at high temperatures, degassing the battery. To avoid this, keep your battery and your electronic cigarette in a dry place and away from all sources of heat. 

  • Conceive your batteries thanks to the protections 

Did you know that there are protections for your batteries? Specially manufactured to secure your batteries, 

As the consumer society thinks of everything, there are protective cases intended to secure your batteries. Made especially for the best conditioning of these, the cases are sold everywhere and are not expensive. Divided into several categories, they are differentiated by the material that composes them; most often silicone for its practicality, but other harder materials such as plastic or plexiglass are used to counter shocks. More advanced technologies such as heat shrink tubing allow safer storage of batteries against abrasions and chemical reactions (if your battery is wet or immersed in a liquid solution). Its material reacts strongly against scratches, and mainly tears in the walls, which tend to break over time. These accessories are essential and equipped with very practical little gadgets for your use such as name tags or lanyards to hang on your key ring. And as an accessory, the cases also reflect your style, you can choose their shapes and colours according to your taste.

Maintenance and DIY

How you use your battery also determines its condition. It is above all a question of carefully checking the compatibility of the task entrusted to him with his capacity. Many users change batteries to have more or less power and do not look at the quantity and quality of energy suitable for their electronic cigarettes. This observation results from a lack of knowledge of the configuration of the electrical system, namely the coil. The problem arises especially for reconstructable atomizers which are sometimes mounted with too low a resistance generating disproportionate consumption. This overconsumption leads to a powerful intensity which exceeds the maximum discharge capacity (CDM) and heats the accumulator which risks degassing and exploding. To avoid this kind of incident, provide your device with MRI-protected batteries that can easily withstand high currents. If this is not the case, use the right tools to check the electrical compatibility of your battery and your resistance. Finally, pay attention to your charging system and ensure that the battery is neither overcharged nor fully discharged.

What is a bottom feeder?

The ” bottom-feeder ” literally means ” feeding from below “. It is also common to encounter the names ” BF “, ” Squonk ” or even ” Squeeze Box ” in vaping jargon. More precisely, the bottom-feeder refers to a very specific type of operation, since it is intended to facilitate the feeding of drippers.

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Vaping is safer than smoking: A large majority of doctors around the world agree that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking based on extensive research. Since there is no combustion, tar or ash associated with vaping, quitting smoking allows the user to experience the benefits associated with quitting smoking. This means better oral hygiene, healthier skin, better blood circulation and lung capacity as well as improved taste and smell.

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The e-liquid is a simple mixture of four main elements which consists of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), flavours and the possibility of adding nicotine. There are other additives and optional elements that you can add to improve the taste of your elixir but these four are enough to make good quality e-liquid.

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Electronic cigarette enthusiasts have probably already tried to make a lot of vapour during vaping. For those who do not know it yet, the amount of vapour produced by an electronic cigarette depends on several points. You will see through this guide some tips that allow you to achieve more vapour with each vaping.

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Many people using the vaper are looking for the electronic cigarette par excellence, an electronic cigarette that is efficient, innovative, compact and of course, powerful. In the search for perfection, you have surely already wondered: what is the must-have electronic cigarette on the market? To that, we will answer: the most certainly, but about what? In this article, we will try to find some leads to give answers.

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Because of nicotine and certain toxic products that compose it, cigarettes are harmful to the health of smokers and those around them. Indeed, smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer, decreases fertility in men and women, causes deficiencies in vitamins B and C, impairs cerebral faculties, causes disturbances in the digestive system and dental problems, etc.

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Whether you are new to electronic cigarettes or you are already an amateur, this guide, which will be updated often, is made to accompany and advise you.  

A little reminder for our dear beginners, e-liquid is the product that powers your electronic cigarette. When the resistance heats up, the e-liquid turns into a vapour that you inhale. Only, the Vape market is a universe that is developing very quickly and we are seeing the appearance of more and more technical terms such as PG/VG for example, in the face of which vapers can get lost… In this file, we will explain the main terms and we will guide you in the choice of your e-liquids about your profile and your equipment. 

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