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The different types of electronic cigarette accessories

There are a variety of accessories around your vaporizer. Before buying your electronic cigarette, it is important to check the presence of certain elements. The main electronic cigarette accessories include the Clearomizer and the Coils …

There are also other accessories for the optimal use of an electronic cigarette. We offer a wide range of accessories on our site. Let’s discover through our guide, the different accessories of electronic cigarettes.

The resistors and the Drip tip

A reduction in vaporization and a less good rendering of aromas are the proofs that the resistance of your electronic cigarette is to be renewed. The resistance of an electronic cigarette is an essential component and you will have to make a judicious choice according to the performance so that the resistance of your clearomizer gives you an adequate vaping experience. To identify the appropriate resistance with your equipment, look at the material of the clearomizer or the pack that you have purchased.

The drip tip is the accessory you put in your mouth to vape. The drip tip knows various variations according to the suppliers and the aromas of each one insofar as it is possible to change the pleasures by using a tip for e-CIG long, flat or classic. The change of tip allows you to enjoy better comfort of use and to distinguish your e-liquid tanks. We generally find on the market the tips:

– in metal,

– in wood,

– or in ebonite.

It is important to choose the right electronic cigarette as well as the accessories that will accompany it for a better vaping experience.

Protection of batteries for transport

Batteries are essential accessories for the proper functioning of an electronic cigarette. For the set of batteries offered on the market, there are silicone cases that allow them to be protected from bumps and scratches. Thus, protecting the battery is essential to ensure its durability.

Protect your clearomiser

The maintenance of the clearomiser is also an important task. For people who want to mix several levels of nicotine for the same taste or different tastes, there are empty bottles. The vape bands placed around the clearomiser also help to avoid shocks when the pyrex breaks. For some tanks like the mini nautilus which is made of pyrex, there is a replacement of the latter by a pyrex itself protected by a mesh so that it does not break due to shocks or falls.

Replace parts worn out over time

For a wide range of clearomizers, there are seals to replace models that have already worn out over time. Depending on the types of electronic cigarettes, we have screw-in chargers (classic 650 battery) and universal chargers. Whatever the model of charger, you will have USB supports, which can be plugged either into the computer or into a wall socket. We have some clearomizers that have a male or female thread and they can especially be screwed on large batteries.

However, some platforms also offer neck cases that allow both to protect the battery, and to have it permanently with either for those who do not have a pocket or who lose it all the time. Most shops will offer you to transport and protect your vaporizer model: pouches of different sizes or materials. Then, when we talk about accessories, we can go very far in the customization of products.