E-Cigarettes in One Place

Which electronic cigarette to choose and how to choose?

There is no “ideal” or “type” electronic cigarette for each smoker, to choose the electronic cigarette that will suit you best you will have to study the particularities of each component of the electronic cigarette (cartridge or tank, battery and resistance ), take into account your current habits (number of traditional cigarettes smoked) but also your future goals (reduce significantly, strongly, stop, discover new flavours, etc.).

The capacity of the container

The first element of the electronic cigarette to study is the e-liquid container, the cartridge or the tank of the clearomizer and more precisely its capacity: it can vary from 0.5 ml to 2.5 ml and more knowing that 1ml capacity more or less corresponds to 10 cigarettes; a standard cartridge is between 1 ml and 1.2 ml and a clearomiser between 1.6 ml and 2.5 ml, so the greater the “vaping” the more the “vaper” will move towards a clearomiser and vice versa.

Also, some have debated the ease of filling the container and consider the cartridge to be easier to fill than the clearomizer tank. Honestly, in use, it is no more complicated to fill a clearomiser tank (it is simply necessary to tilt it at 45° and to make the liquid flow along the internal wall) than a cartridge.

From a financial point of view, the cartridge is significantly less expensive than a clearomizer, some vapers consider that it is an advantage when you want to have several containers to alternate tastes, others highlight the greater longevity of the clearomizer compared to the cartridge and therefore a financial advantage in not replacing it as often.

Finally, to finish with the study of the container, we can wonder about the tightness. The clearomiser is generally considered by vapers to be more “reliable” in terms of sealing than the cartridge. Indeed, cartridges with lower capacities are handled more often for filling than clearomizers, they are clipped, unclipped and therefore more quickly deformed and subject to leaks (still the clearomizer mustn’t be the victim of repeated excessive tightening which can damage the threads of the screw threads).

Battery capacity

The second element to take into account is the capacity of the battery, it can vary from 100 to 1000 mAh or even more: 100 mAh corresponds to ¾ hour of autonomy or 3-4 cigarette breaks. For an occasional smoker or a light smoker, 100 to 300 mAh will suffice (the equivalent of 5 to 10 cigarettes per day) while a so-called “average” or “normal” smoker will need at least 600 mAh (10 to 20 cigarettes/day), as for the heavy smoker or the “expert” smoker, he will have to move towards a large capacity battery (900-1000 mAh and more).

As for the type of battery, the EGO type battery is the most commonly used, MODs on the other hand use specific accumulators.

The atomizer or the resistor with wicks

Finally, the last element on which to decide is the resistance (the atomizer or the wick resistance) which can be important in the choice of the future cigarette because it will influence the vapour rendering, even if it is difficult to give an opinion. decided and categorical so much the appreciations of flavours, texture and vapour density are different from one vaper to another.

Generally, we agree that atomizers that produce so-called “cold” vapours are more suitable for flavours such as tobacco or plants such as mint, for example, while wick resistors that produce so-called “hot” vapours are more adapted to gourmet or fruity flavours.

When vapers are looking for a versatile product, they opt for wick resistors in a clearomizer because their particularity is that they produce a relatively abundant warm-hot vapour which is similar to that of a traditional cigarette.

Your smoking habits and your goals

Once you have integrated the characteristics and particularities of the different elements of an electronic cigarette, you now need to take stock of your habits and your objectives to determine which electronic cigarette to choose.

If you are a “little smoker”, an occasional smoker or a smoker wishing to reduce your consumption of traditional cigarettes, you will need to opt for a low-capacity electronic cigarette with a cartridge, an atomizer and a small or medium-capacity battery.

If you are a regular smoker (consuming up to 20 cigarettes a day), looking to discover new flavours alternating with tobacco, you will opt for an electronic cigarette with a cartridge of at least 1.2 ml or a clearomizer of 1.6 ml associated with an atomizer or a wick resistance you are looking for versatility for tobacco, fruity, gourmet flavours; the whole will be associated with a resistance of at least 650 mAh.

If you are a heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes/day) or an “expert” smoker, you will choose a MOD with a large capacity tank, and a battery of more than 1000 mAh with variable capacity.

Here are some references to electronic cigarettes that could be classified according to the habits and objectives of a “smoker-vaper”:

-EROLL or ECAB: for a “little smoker”, an occasional smoker or a smoker wishing to reduce their consumption of traditional cigarettes (between 5 and 10 cigarettes per day).

-EGO T or EGO C with cartridge and atomizer or clearomizer with stardust type wick resistor: for a so-called “average” or “normal” smoker who also wishes to discover new flavours (between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day).

-EVIC: for “heavy smokers” (20 cigarettes or more) or “experts”.