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Why Do We Vape More Than We Smoke?

It is not uncommon to hear a vaper say that they vape a lot more than they used to smoke. When he was a smoker, it took him about 5 minutes to smoke his cigarette and then nothing until the next one. Today, he feels like he constantly has his electronic cigarette in his mouth. In reality, there is an explanation for this, even several for some.

This is the main reason why you feel like you always have your electronic cigarette in your mouth. In a very serious study published in 2014 and still current, the doctor and cardiologist Konstantinos Farsalinos compared the absorption of nicotine from a traditional cigarette with that of an electronic cigarette. The result is clear: the electronic cigarette takes 7 times longer to satisfy nicotine needs. With a traditional cigarette, the nicotine shot is very fast and does not take more than 5 minutes. While an electronic cigarette requires no less than 35 minutes to bring the same dose of nicotine into the blood. The nicotine level of e-liquids should be 50 mg/ml for the electronic cigarette to approach the efficiency of a traditional cigarette in the delivery of nicotine. It is especially necessary to relativize the fact that the vaper draws more often on his electronic cigarette than he did with his cigarette. Vaping significantly reduces the risks rather to smoking. Vaping frequency shouldn’t be a cause for concern.¬†

On the contrary, as long as the vaper uses his electronic cigarette, he stays away from the cigarette and its products, many components that are harmful to health. Even though the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes are not precisely known, tobacco kills one in two smokers.

These are possible avenues rather than scientific studies. When you discover electronic cigarettes, there is a novelty effect that can be compared to other areas. New phone, new computer. We discover that we want to test the many parameters. This could well be the case with its new electronic cigarette. We try new flavours, we test the power parameters to find the ideal setting.

In addition, many vapers use their electronic cigarette kit at home, whereas before, they had to go out to have one. While smoking at home, indoors, was difficult for many (with a spouse who did not smoke, for example), using an electronic cigarette is much less restrictive. No unpleasant odour for those around you and passive vaping is infinitely weaker than passive smoking even if the comparison is impossible since cigarette smoke contains nearly 4,000 toxic substances and/or classified carcinogens that are not found in vapour from e-liquids.

To conclude, the slower delivery of nicotine with an electronic cigarette is the main reason why we vape more often than we smoke. This can also be accentuated by the fact that you can vape at home and by the “novelty” effect for beginners in the world of vaping. We recommend you buy beginner kits for vape in the best Vawoo platform in the UK.