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22Hello and how are you, our dearest connoisseurs of delicious electronic vapors. Connoisseurs, today we will talk about e-liquids, premium fruit juice brands, about the best e-liquid flavor concentrate that can excite your taste and which can bring a lot of pleasure in the process of vaping.

Captain’s Reserve was pushed into the market in 2015, at the very first stage of stage of appearance of vaping liquids as a single market that had already appeared in our lives, which means that, using experience in the field of creating e-juices for electronic cigarettes, the company can provide a quality of e-liquid flavors.

A thoughtful product that will be of interest to the vapers of any category. The main office and main production facilities of the company are located in the Buy the best vaporizers in the UK online, where government agencies even help companies that develop the field of vaping products and support them in every possible way. The total network of stores around the world of the company has about 130 stores, and that says a lot.

Each line of the new best e-juice brands from the company is mixed manually in small batches, approximately 500-1000 copies. The company does not seek to mass production, being concentrated on the quality of the offered vape juice flavors list.

We think it’s not worth mentioning that all e-liquid ingredients are high-quality materials that have passed hundreds of tests in specialized laboratories. All liquids of the company comply with the legislation of TPD. The basic composition of each fluid (base) is 80 of glycerol to 20 of propylene glycol. Respectively, these are vape flavors without nicotine.

Captain’s Custard

Very strong cream base with rich caramel filling and a fresh banana flavor. The aftertaste of the caramel adds a special flavor to this e-liquid.


This taste of the manufacturer was added relatively recently compared with other flavor liquors of the line. What if I tell you that there is a cucumber in this taste? Yes, it is the notes of a cucumber here. Even more they are diluted with components such as strawberry berries plus a mixture of guarantor.