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Ecigs Store UK

The vape, invented in 2004 in Hong Kong, quickly gained popularity. By visiting the Ecigs Store UK, you will be convinced in the huge choice of devices, e-liquid brands and accessories to them. Vape is a kind of e-cigarette into which a flavored smoking liquid is poured. A person inhales e-liquid flavors and gets the same sensations as when smoking a cigarette. Vapers do not smoke, they vape. Vape-bars are opened for vapers around the world; there are held festivals and original shows. E-cigarettes are also in high demand.

The desire to smoke, without causing harm to one’s health, is realized when a classical cigarette is replaced with an e-cigarette. Tar is the most harmful substance when smoking, which is released during the combustion of tobacco. In wholesale of e-juice flavors there are no such harmful substances. You can buy e-cigarettes in specialized stores. You do not get yellow fingers and teeth from e-cigarettes, there is no smell of tobacco smoke on clothing and indoors. You can use such cigarettes everywhere: at home, at work, in transport, in public places, everywhere, where smoking is prohibited. Vape is especially popular among motorists.

The principle of vape is to heat the liquid to the state of vape that the person inhales. The components of cigarettes (tar, tobacco, combustion products and others) are absent, so the vaping is less dangerous for the body. Spiral is the heating element. The liquid consists of glycerin, alcohols, flavor and nicotine. The liquid for e-cigarettes is sold with a different percentage of e-liquid nicotine. Gradually reducing the dose of nicotine, you can completely stop smoking. This is often used by smokers to get rid of bad habits.

There are following liquids for vaping: premium fruit juice brands (branded – quality, with a selection of gustatory range), standard (differ in lower quality and price) and vape flavors diy (self-preparing liquids). You can buy liquid for e-cigarettes with various wholesale e-juice flavors: coffee, vanilla, apricot, cherry.