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Regularly cleaning your clearomiser must be part of the essential tasks of your daily life as a vaper for several reasons: 

  • This allows you to vape in good hygienic conditions. Indeed, to vape, you are automatically led to put your clearomiser in your mouth. Keeping the parts of your atomizer in perfect condition is therefore essential if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. 
  • To obtain good sensations of vaping. If you like to change the flavour of e-liquid regularly, it is necessary to clean your tank as necessary to guarantee optimal rendering and a large production of vapour when inhaling.
  • This is the best way to preserve, or even extend the life of your coils and more generally of your electronic cigarette.

Of course, regular cleaning of all your equipment is essential, but today we are going to take a close look at cleaning the clearomizer. 

The clearomiser is made up of several parts that are very sensitive to dust and dirt, such as the drip tip, the reservoir, the organic cotton of the resistance or the air inlet. And if your vaper becomes clogged, you can quickly observe a decrease in the performance of your equipment such as a drop in the production of vapour or the restitution of flavours or even unpleasant sensations when vaping.

How to clean your clearomiser simply?

Depending on the time you have, your will, but also depending on the equipment you have, you can use different techniques to clean your clearomizer. Indeed, whether you use an Aspire, Eleaf or Joyetech brand clearomiser, they all clean more or less the same way and the manufacturers offer similar models that are easily removable for quick and efficient cleaning.

We invite you to discover all the stages of a basic cleaning with water, the most commonly used technique.

The steps to follow to clean your clearomiser :

  • Step 1: Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery.
  • Step 2: Completely disassemble the clearomizer. 
  • Step 3: Remove all gaskets, being careful not to lose them.
  • Step 4: Thoroughly rinse each part as well as the seals with lukewarm clear water except for the resistance.
  • Step 5: After having rinsed them well, let them dry on paper for 2-3 hours, until all the pieces are perfectly dry.
  • Step 6: Reassemble the entire clearomizer.

If you use a clearomiser with a replaceable resistor, you must take care to remove the wick before cleaning because if it is still in good condition, you can reuse it. However, if it is worn, blackened or you want to change the flavour, it will need to be replaced with a new one.

It is also necessary to remember to regularly clean the threads of the battery and the clearomiser with a dry cloth, by blowing inside each one.

Finally, if you are unable to remove certain stubborn traces of persistent odours, you can use a small brush to clean the tank and the hard-to-reach parts.

When to clean your clearomiser?

Whether for an atomizer, a clearomizer or a dripper, remember to clean it as soon as you can. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment clean and in good condition.

Why not take advantage of changing your coils or e liquids to clean your equipment.