E-Cigarettes in One Place


Electronic cigarette enthusiasts have probably already tried to make a lot of vapour during vaping. For those who do not know it yet, the amount of vapour produced by an electronic cigarette depends on several points. You will see through this guide some tips that allow you to achieve more vapour with each vaping.

Respect the weather conditions

You should know that weather conditions can influence the possibility of making large vapours. This may seem impossible for beginners, but you should know that these conditions can influence the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) of the e-liquid. These elements mainly catch water molecules in the air. This is why the amount of steam may depend on your living area.

Note that the cigarette can rest on the atomizer to create vapour. The latter transforms the air that penetrates inside the product into fine droplets. Since the amount of water circulating in the air determines the amount of steam produced. You should expect cigarettes not to provide as much pleasure in the desert as well as in mountainous areas. More specifically, dry air does not allow steam to be made. On the other hand, you can also wait for winter to make your wishes come true. 

The amount of vapour depends on the way vaping

The style you adopt for each vape can also influence the amount of vapour you can make. For example, avoid holding the vapour in your lungs for too long. Indeed, it is more advisable to quickly blow the steam after a puff to obtain a good result. Be aware that steam dissipates easily into the air. That’s why you shouldn’t play with it too much when you smoke your electronic cigarette.

The method of inhalation is also important to get more vapour. First, you can choose direct inhaling, which involves directly engaging the lungs while vaping. This means that a large amount of vapour can be stored in the lungs. In addition, the indirect method is particularly close to how ordinary cigarettes are smoked. In other words, the vapour must pass through the mouth before arriving in the lungs.

You also have the option of choosing the “double train” method while vaping. This technique consists mainly of making successive puffs. This helps to create more vapour while using electronic cigarettes. Note that the first puff allows you to heat the resistance and obtain more power.

Check the setting of the electronic cigarette

Tuning should not be taken lightly if you want to create a lot of vapour with an electronic cigarette. Moreover, the current market offers customizable models according to the needs of each user. 

The amount of steam produced may depend on the power of the equipment. Added to this is the tension which is also essential for obtaining more steam.

On the other hand, we can mention the adjustment of the resistance which is essential to make a good quantity of vapour with each vaping. Normally, a powerful resistance guarantees the capacity of the clearomizer. This implies that the cigarette cannot create more vapour if one of these elements fails. Note for example that the e-liquid will not vaporize properly if the resistance does not reach the desired heating temperature. Also, the cigarette consumes more liquid than expected if the resistance is too strong.

In any case, it can be advantageous to choose a power between 10 to 30 W on the resistance to obtain a good quantity of vapour. It is enough to have the quantity of e-liquid necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the cigarette. Do not hesitate to inspect the latter at each abnormal change during vaping.

Choosing the right vegetable glycerin (VG) level in the e-liquid

The amount of VG in the e-liquid can determine the amount of vapour achievable during each vape. Indeed, this element is the main guarantor of the volume of vapour that can be made with an electronic cigarette. However, you should not expect to feel the aromas of liquids if you opt for a higher VG rate.

Note that having a boiling point also promotes the production of more vapour with an electronic cigarette. In any case, this does not mean that you can neglect the PG of each e-liquid that you will find on the market. It is enough to check the rate of these two basic elements to obtain a good result with each use of an electronic cigarette.

The elements that make up the electronic cigarette

The choice of the electronic cigarette itself can be decisive in achieving large vapours. Indeed, it is recommended not to choose small cigarettes if you want to vape with more vapour. For clarification, choosing a “Mod” is more advantageous to do what you want. This type of electronic cigarette allows you to produce a large number of vapours. Do not neglect the atomizers of each model that will be offered to you. The most important thing is that you can properly hydrate yourself while playing with the vapours.

Furthermore, choosing a rebuildable atomizer offers more possibilities for vapers. With such an accessory, it is easier to adjust the resistance according to your expectations. We can also mention the possibility of easily adding e-liquid inside the cigarette. It should not be overlooked that the quality of the wick can be decisive in obtaining more vapour.

customize the resistance according to your desires. Regardless of the situation, a low resistor heats up quickly. The size of the atomizer allows at the same time to heat more liquid. To go further, you can get a model capable of accommodating two resistors. This creates more vapour than intended.