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NuvoCig: Warranty and Customer Service

More than just hot air? Whether e-cigarettes are a good idea remains a question

When you buy certain product, you must make sure that the company offers warranty and money back guarantee. NuvoCig is a decent company, offering a comprehensive warranty and money back guarantee.

Warranty – All batteries and chargers are guaranteed with a full 1-year warranty. This is a one time warranty and the battery can only be replaced one time within 12 months. If you there are any questions or concerns, any customer can email any time and the customer support will do its best to help to rectify the problem.

NuvoCig electronic cigarette kits provide a 30 day money back guarantee (only in case of US orders). If on the contrary, you are not satisfied with the product, simply return the kit within 30 days and the money will be refunded.

You can make a refund request for Premium, Deluxe, and Standard Kits. As they are a consumable product, refund does not apply to cartomizers (either in kits, or ordered individually). All refunds will be calculated excluding the shipping cost or more for quick shipping. Their customer service team is fantastic.

But actually the cases when the product is disliked are quite rare as the company works hard to provide the ever possible service to satisfy the customers’ needs and demands.