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South Beach Smoke introduction

South Beach Smoke introduction

Out of the top ten e-cigarette companies by Web traffic, most sell KR-808 e-cigarettes than any other model. The KR-808 is reputable, easy to use and in general is characterized by the great vapor generation and battery life for its size.

The negative point of so many e-cigarette companies marketing the same model is that all of the products start to look identical, because they essentially are. To separate one product from the pack and find the best e-cigarette for you, you have to take features such as the accessories included with the starter kits, product warranties and quality control into account. Having analyzed the South Beach Smoke e-cigarette, we feel that we fail to measure all the key benefits. KR-808 e-cigarette — V2 Cigs, which is favorite for most smokers hasn’t been dropped yet.

We have been using the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit for some time. It consists of two batteries, five refill cartridges and a wall charger. South Beach Smoke’s decision not to include a USB charger with their starter kit is still very strange and not comprehended; usually, e-cigarette starter kits include both USB and wall chargers. The design of the wall charger is also rather strange. It’s quite large and hangs from a rather short cord, so when we plug it in to y kitchen outlet, the battery hangs out a little bit.

Moreover, the South Beach Smoke e-cigarette kit basically looks like a V2 Cigs kit of approximately of version in 2011; cheap accessories, small box. One intriguing feature is the “crystal tip” on the batteries, something V2 is now using on its Vapor Couture line. You can’t actually see the tip when you’re using the e-cigarette. Another feature is the fact that the refill cartridges are packed in foil — something that V2 Cigs has only lately begun doing. This should prevent the possibility of receiving stale, dry cartridges. Although, we may report, they are stale anyway for some reason.