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V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vaporizers

V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vaporizers

The Series 3 vaporizer will the first of three new APVs promising and forthcoming products from V2 Cigs within the next year. These vaporizers will contain innovatively larger cartridges that, best as we can tell, won’t be interchangeable with any Series 3 hardware.

Should you wait, however, to determine if you’d rather get one of the more expensive upcoming models? To our mind, you should really only wait if you’re already using a more expensive e-cigarette such as ProVari and aren’t interested actually in vaporizing tobacco or solid nicotine products. Experts have a presentiment that the V2 Pro Series 9 might become the first APV capable of fighting the ProVari, but it’ll be several months before it is confirmed.

We can say again and again that V2 Cigs is probably the best for people who want to enjoy e-smoking from time to time and for people who are beginners to this fine hobby. With the launch of the V2 Pro Series 3, we can finally say that V2 Cigs has something special to offer that competes with the luxury e-cigarettes that other manufacturers have.

The remarkable part is that V2 has made an effort to create a luxury vaporizer — and it’s one that looks and functions better than the first generation of vaporizing devices.