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Stylish, new e-cigarette is an invariable accessory of the ex- smoker with the experience.
It is very hard to give up a habit, and why shall one do it, if you can smoke without harm to your and surrounding health, and also order vape-liquid cheap? The question is reasonable. It is more pleasant to drag with an e-device, and you can buy special e-liquid brands with any e-liquid flavors and taste. However, there is a question – vaping (e-cigarettes, how many puffs) can be done without refilling?
How big is the filling time of the clearomizer?

Naturally, everything depends on the volume of the atomizer (the clearomizer).
How long will the best e-liquid flavor concentrate last? It is very simple to count:
1. There are 10 deep puffs in one standard cigarette,.
2. In one ml of refilling – approximately 130 puffs (depends on the evaporator).
3. An e-cigarette can be filled with 1 to 3 ml of liquid.
It turns out at rough estimations that in one ml of a refilling liquid there are about 13 usual cigarettes. If a 3 ml clearomizer, an e-device without refilling can replace 39 cigarettes, roughly speaking – two packs of conventional cigarettes. Again, the calculations are approximate and can vary significantly depending on the model of the e-cigarette.

By the way, the higher the vaporization, the more pleasant the sensation from the process, but at the same time there is consumed cheaper premium vape juice.
It turns out that vaping e-cigarette is still more profitable.
The bottles that go on sale contain 10 ml of liquid; this is enough for 4-10 refillings. At the same time, the refilling bottle costs two packs of standard cigarettes, and it will be enough for 6.5 packs.

Voopoo drag UK sale