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All-in-one (AIO) new Juul compatible pods UK hits

New Juul compatible pods UK hits are Smoant Pasito devices. For operating, the users have five available power modes: 10, 13, 16, 20 and 25 watts. Switching occurs when a special button is pressed. For this tank, the manufacturer introduced not only two types of replaceable evaporators: MTL Ni-80 Coil 1.4 Ohm and DTL Mesh Coil 0.6 Ohm, but also a special RBA base for one spiral.

Mi-Pod is a stylish pod system from the manufacturer Smoking Vapor that has become a new Juul compatible pods UK hit.
OVNS JC01 Pod Kit. OVNS has released the all-in-one new Juul compatible pods UK hits. The miniature device received a rectangular case with a protruding 0.7 ml cartridge and a built-in battery with a capacity of 400 mAh.
The device is equipped with a cartridge with a ceramic evaporator of 1.5 Ohms for highly concentrated liquids and a standard version with a resistance of 2.0 Ohms. Both hold 0.7 ml. In addition, the device can work with cartridges from Juul.

A built-in battery with a capacity of 400 mAh provides power.
Activation is done by tightening, without the help of buttons.
Royal Blue Vape Starter Kit by MYLÈ
Myle’s ultra-compact POD system powered by replaceable cartridges. The capacity of the tank is 0.9 ml, but the flow rate of this baby is small, so this volume is enough for a long time. The battery size is 240 mAh, which is also enough for comfortable soaring throughout the day.
The Phix Starter Kit is an entry-level, reusable electronic cigarette developed by MLV. The device uses replaceable cartridges with liquid, the replacement of which is as simple as possible: install, vape, replace. Phix Starter Kit simulates a cigarette puff, which allows heavy smokers to switch from addiction to an alternative as comfortably as possible.
The device has a built-in 280 mAh battery, the capacity is enough for about 220 puffs. Charging is carried out from a special complete USB-cable. As a source, you can use a socket, computer, power bank.
The cartridge is both a liquid reservoir and a clearomizer. Its capacity is 1.5 ml. The evaporator has a resistance of 1.4 ohms and is supplied. A spare cartridge is also included.