E-Cigarettes in One Place

Vape flavors without nicotine will prevent your addiction

Those who could get rid of nicotine addiction are satisfied with imitation, namely electronic cigarettes, having vape flavors without nicotine. In this case, the key is the choice of fluid, because the presence of nicotine gives them special e-liquid flavors. Therefore, non-nicotine fluids are not always effective for some users. Well-known manufacturers produce e-liquid brands with different levels of nicotine or without it: there must be a remark on the package how much of this substance is added.

The presence of e-liquid nicotine acts in two ways: pleasure at the chemical level and a burning sensation in the throat. The substance used in e-cigarettes is clean, but to taste it is the same as in tobacco – slightly spicy. This pleasant, throat-irritating effect cannot be felt while using a cud or patch. In this, some see the reason for the failure of smoking cessation and the advantages that an electronic cigarette advantageously has without a dose of nicotine. Absence of nicotine in the liquids for e-cigarettes is replenished by adding menthol, alcohol and other e-liquid ingredients into the composition. With these substances, an electronic cigarette without nicotine has a more complex taste in comparison with vape juice flavors with nicotine.

There are companies, in which products there is no nicotine at all.

As for a mixture that does not contain nicotine, heavy smokers can also once try to vape them. For this, it is necessary to acquire liquids with a smaller content of this substance and consume them in regular periods. Gradually, you can reduce the nicotine percentage to zero, and then completely quit smoking. Advantages of mixtures that do not contain nicotine are evident. First, they do not cause harmful damage to health. Second, the opportunity to smoke in public and crowded places, a restaurant, a cafe and even an airplane. Third, you do not harm others (it is a problem of passive smoking).