E-Cigarettes in One Place


Because of nicotine and certain toxic products that compose it, cigarettes are harmful to the health of smokers and those around them. Indeed, smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer, decreases fertility in men and women, causes deficiencies in vitamins B and C, impairs cerebral faculties, causes disturbances in the digestive system and dental problems, etc.

Thanks to the electronic cigarette, also known as a vape, the disastrous consequences of smoking are considerably reduced. However, it is wise to know how to properly calculate your nicotine dosage when using an e-cigarette.

Know how to calculate the dosage of nicotine in the electronic cigarette, a way to reduce the ravages of smoking

The traditional cigarette can be considered a real poison for the human body, because of its composition which is more or less toxic. Smoke contains more than  7,000 chemical substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, mercury or even lead, and 69 of these substances are recognized as carcinogens. Thus, we understand better why the consumption of cigarettes affects health.

Nicotine is the most well-known component of cigarettes. It is even the substance that causes physical dependence on tobacco products. With the electronic cigarette, it is perfectly possible to calculate the dosage of nicotine to inhale to control its consumption. For smokers, e-electronics has serious advantages. Indeed, the e-cigarette mainly contains nicotine liquid, which means that when you vape, you do not absorb the toxic substances produced by tobacco, including carcinogenic substances. Therefore, an electronic cigarette does not affect health in the same way as an ordinary cigarette. To this end, the risk of cardiovascular accidents is halved, as is the risk of catching cancer or having a heart attack. In addition, the skin will no longer be damaged.

How to easily calculate the dose of nicotine present in an electronic cigarette?

To calculate the dosage of nicotine, the unit of measurement used is mg/mL (milligram per millilitre). By way of illustration, if you have a 10 mL bottle, dosed at 6 mg/mL, your E. liquid contains 6 mg of nicotine for each millilitre of e-liquid. Thus, 60 mg of nicotine is present in your 10-millilitre bottle.

If you want to dose your bottle at 3 mg/mL, you must add 10 ml of o mg liquid, that is to say without nicotine, to your bottle dosed at 60 mg/10 ml. Your dose of nicotine remains at 60 mg, but it will be diluted in 20 mL of liquid (10 mL +10 mL). If you reduce this value to 10 mL? you will therefore have 30 mg for 10 mL and 3 mg for 1 mL.

By controlling your nicotine dosage, you also control your nicotine consumption. According to Doctor Bertrand Dautzenberg, President of the French Tobacco Office, concerning electronic cigarettes, “for smokers, the risk reduction is considerable” and “potentially carcinogenic compounds exist, but at an infinitesimal dose, no more than in a cup of coffee “. Thus, the vape is a real alternative to tobacco, a transitional escape from its addiction.