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Choosing E-Smoking Accessories

Choosing E-Smoking Accessories

E-cigarette accessories can make your experience more convenient or fashionable, but most really aren’t necessary when you are just getting started with e-smoking. It is a totally new experience for you, causing new sensations and impressions.

However, if you stick to fashion and it is important for you, choose the most convenient accessories, which will not seem to be senseless with your look and way of life.

In this product category, you can select items like plastic wraps to give colors and patterns to batteries, button covers, funky plastic, metal or glass drip tips and carrying cases.

If you buy a smaller e-cigarette, one accessory is worth considering; it is a portable battery charging case or PCC.

Many e-cigarette kits consist of charging cases, which can be helpful because a small e-cigarette such as the one marketed by Blu Cigs will give you 80 puffs at the most before you have to recharge it. In other words, that’s twice the puffs that some other small e-cigarettes will give you.

So, there’s always an opportunity that the battery will finish when you can’t get to a USB port or power outlet. If you don’t have or need a PCC, we do suggest you at least getting a hard carrying case to protect your e-cigarette from damaging.