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Famous People Prefer Electronic Cigarettes

Famous People Prefer Electronic Cigarettes

Today the electronic cigarettes theme becomes increasingly discussed worldwide. The craze for electronic cigarettes in the United States is a natural choice for the smoker, because with e cigarettes they can smoke in public places – bars, libraries and playgrounds. Recently, electronic cigarettes began to penetrate into Hollywood.

Usually is difficult to see what a person smokes, cigarette electronic or tobacco. Most people don’t see the difference between tobacco cigarette and e-cigarette, from some distance. Nevertheless, a few celebrities have been “caught” while smoking electronic cigarettes.

One of the first who promoted electronic cigarettes in the cinematography, was Johnny Depp, whose character in the “The Tourist” movie got rid of the bad habit of smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes, and the popularity of e-vaping after this movie has increased significantly.

At the moment, with a similar cigarette were seen Leonardo DiCaprio Dick, Matthew McConaughey, Eric Roberts, Kevin Connolly as well as musicians Kevin Federline and Tom Petty, and many other celebrities.

It is known a number of famous actresses smokes electronic cigarettes. Taryn Manning, Nikki Reed and Kate Moss are electronic cigarettes smokers. What attracts celebrities smoking electronic cigarettes instead of the usual? The answer will be different for each of these stars, as it is different for every electronic cigarette smoker.

The fashion for electronic cigarettes boosted the fact that in 2011 was introduced a smoking ban law, in public places. According to this, move stars passed to “legal” analogues, which also not so adversely affect their health and appearance.

Many people switched to electronic cigarettes, to save money, but of course money – is not the reason for celebrities. Likely move stars pass to e-cigarettes, because they believe that this option is more attractive than smoking regular cigarettes, well, or to quit smoking. The tobacco cigarettes smoking affects negatively not only human health, but the appearance too, which is very important for the celebrities.