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Compatible Juul pods UK – your reliable friend in the world of vaping

Compatible Juul pods UKElectronic cigarettes are already an integral part of our life. Electronic devices have tightly entered the modern style. Everyone knows that compared to tobacco products, these have a lot of advantages. Electronic cigarettes have been constantly developed and enhance. We would like to introduce Juul to you. Juul can be bough in UK and that fact improved vaping of many UK vapers

Juul is an electronic cigarette. As for the size, it is about twice the size of a standard lighter. PAX Labs Company, founded in 2007, is the manufacturer of Juul. Previously, it made the PAX Vaporizer, a device designed to evaporate tobacco (but often PAX was purchased for smoking marijuana). The gadget was made very similar to the Apple device: nice packaging, the mouthpiece came out with a click; the body is made of aluminum.

The given electronic cigarette is designed for the purpose that people can quit smoking painlessly. If we talk about Juul, then the system resembles “Nespresso”: liquid pods are inserted into the back side, and then you get compatible Juul pods UK every time the previous pod is used. The substance in the pods contains nicotine (less than in a regular cigarette), as it helps cope with the addiction and gives the effect of a throathit, as during normal smoking.

Compatible Juul pods are inserted into the Juul electronic device in one motion. The pod contains a liquid with nicotine salts created under strict control and protected by a patent. It is namely the e-liquid which allows consumers to experience the usual sensations after giving up conventional cigarettes in favor of Juul.

There are available the following flavors:
1. Mint
2. Classic tobacco

3. Cucumber
4. Vanilla

Every smoker can select and enjoy any favorite taste and aroma.

Vapers have to realize that compatible Juul pods UK were developed with an eye on smokers, providing them with a simple and very easy-to-use nicotine consumption system based on interchangeable pods with different flavors. Compatible Juul pods UK are your reliable friend in the world of vaping! In addition, the novelty has a very compact size, stylish design and is almost weightless.