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iQos Heets Purple

iQos Heets PurpleIn this article, we will tell you about the IQOS Heets Purple e-tools.

Beforehand, let us remember in short the history of vaping and e-smoking tools in common.

The varieties of e-tool instruments have been undergoing many changes during the short time that has passed after their appearance.

The first and basic idea was to market e-juice liquids with various tastes and aromas. The liquids are poured into the so-called pods. These are capacities, in which the e-juices are evaporated. A very good idea, but, as any other business idea, it cannot be absolutely satisfactory for all users.

As a response to growing market demands, the IQOS Heets Purple e-tool sticks had later appeared. It had become possible after the appearance of so-called heat-not-burn technology. The principle is based on tobacco heating instead of liquid evaporation.

IQOS Heets Purple e-tools are professional tobacco sticks, which are designed exclusively for heating in special vape systems. Such as IQOS 2.4 plus or IQOS 3 and iqos 3 Multi.

As the IQOS Heets e-tools are produced by the Philipp Morris International, they were provided with the taste and aroma of Parliament cigarettes.

Parliament’s entire block of tobacco sticks from Heets for IQOS guarantees a rich tobacco flavor and safer smoking. In one block, there are IQOS Heets 10 packs with sticks.

There are many opinions on IQOS Heets, but we know one thing for sure, the product is very popular and demand is always on top, also do not forget about analogs of tobacco heaters, because the same IQOS Heets from IQOS are also suitable for other similar devices. Stupid rumors about the unpopularity of IQOS Heets Purple e-tools are the result of activity of some distributors who are not authorised by the manufacturer and whom you do not have to trust. One case when you buy a fake product of uncertain manufacturer and unknown origin is not a proof that you do not have to buy original branded products.

Thus, in order to make sure that you purchase original IQOS Heets Purple e-tools, visit our online store and place us an order.