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How to make your e-liquid: all about DIY!

What is a DIY e-liquid? It means “ do it yourself ”, a DIY e-liquid is none other than the possibility of creating your tailor-made e-liquid and controlling its creation from A to Z.

With the advantage of being personalized, the aspect of the DIY seduces more than one: you have the possibility of choosing the flavours you want with the level of nicotine you want, and incorporating them into a base. In addition to the satisfaction of creating your e-liquid, you will be proud of it!

Boosters, flavours and base

To create your e-liquid, three elements are to be mixed: boosters, aromas and a base. We will explain what they are used for and what variants are offered.

What is a base used for?

A base allows a balance between flavours and vapours. In the base, there are two elements: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The PG ( propylene glycol ) will thin the liquid, better transmit the flavours and protect your resistance while the VG ( vegetable glycerin ) will allow you to make steam. You can choose a 70PG/30VG base for a vapour that contains a lot of flavours, 70VG/30PG for more vapour than flavours and for a flavour/vapour balance we recommend a 50/50 base.

What is an aroma used for?

An aroma or concentrate gives flavour to your e-liquids!

There are hundreds of different aromas that all have their subtleties. The advantage of DIY is that you can create your flavours by mixing several flavours, such as a mint flavour and a tobacco flavour. There are also concentrates which are a mix of flavours already made such as Ragnarok which is a mix of fresh red fruits.

What are boosters used for?

The boosters are nicotine bases in 20mg/ml. They allow you to nicotine a base without nicotine. Since 2017, the regulations prohibit the sale of e-liquids or nicotine bases of more than 10ml. 


Preparing e-liquids requires a bit of equipment to get started. 

You’ll need : 

  • A bottle intended to receive the final preparation.
  • From the base.
  • Aroma.
  • Nicotine boosters.
  • A graduated syringe to dose your aroma (optional).

Advice before preparation

Keep your products away from light and prepare your e-liquid on a flat surface and out of reach of children. Remember to shake your aroma bottle before incorporating it into the base.

The procedure

First, be sure to work on a clean surface, away from children and pets.

Pour your base into the empty bottle and add the nicotine.

For less classic volumes, you can do this little calculation: (Desired dosage x desired volume) / 20

Example: (6mg * 140ml) / 20 = 42ml of boosters , so 4.2 boosters

Then comes the turn of the aroma that is added. In general, we put between 10 and 20% of aroma in preparation. To be sure not to make a mistake, refer to the description of the aroma, the recommended dosage is mentioned there.

To find out how much aroma you need, you just have to do the following calculation:

(Desired aroma dosage x desired volume) / 100

Example: (15 (% of flavors) * 140ml) / 100 = 21ml of flavors

 All you have to do is close your bottle, mix for two minutes and wait.

Store the product away from light.

How long?

DIY is a matter of patience, count between 5 and 15 days of maturation time for a fruity aroma, and 2 weeks minimum for a gourmet or tobacco aroma.