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Electronic cigarette: hot or cold steam?

Each vaper has their preferences. Some seek a deeper hit with an indirect hit (MTL) while others prefer a round, airy vapour with a direct hit (DL). Similarly, some are fond of a hot vape while others prefer it rather warm or cold. What are cold vapour clearomizers or cold vapour atomizers? Whether you are a sub-ohm or tight vape enthusiast, how can you control the temperature of the inhaled vapour? What are the little tricks to get the desired temperature and volume of the steam? Are there hot vapour electronic cigarettes or warm vapour e-cigarettes?

Better know the vapour of the electronic cigarette:

Vapour replaces smoke when vaping on an electronic cigarette. Unlike the latter, however, the vapour does not contain toxic products such as tar, carbon monoxide or fine particles. Vaporization is no combustion at all! The vapour of the electronic cigarette can also contain nicotine when the e-liquid vapoté is composed of it.

Besides nicotine, the vapour produced also contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both of these products are used in various everyday consumer products. When propylene glycol ( PG ) allows excellent restitution of flavours and the strength of the hit, vegetable glycerin ( VG ) on the other hand, allows creating a consequent volume of vapour. The vast majority of e liquids offered are composed of a balanced ratio of 50% PG and 50% VG. This compromise between hit and volume of vapour is interesting to obtain a balanced vape.

Finally, the last essential component of vapour is the aroma. Many flavours are used today in the composition of liquids for e-cigarettes, which gives you a very wide choice.

The electronic cigarette: cold, warm or hot vapour?

The choice of clearomiser, resistance and drip tip are the essential criteria to observe when looking for a cold, warm or hot vapour. The type of inhalation is also preponderant. The vapour temperature will be different depending on the type of clearomizer or atomizer you are using.

Vapour temperature with indirect inhalation (MTL):

First-time vapers generally turn to an indirect inhale, as it is quite similar to the draw that can be obtained with a classic cigarette. The vapour is tight, and relatively cold compared to clearomizers dedicated to direct inhalation. The values ​​of the resistors used are located above 1.0 ohm.

Clearomisers dedicated to indirect inhaling are equipped with a 510 drip tip. Allowing to obtain a tight draw and a good concentration of flavours, their rather elongated format also allows the vapour to be cooled. The further the resistance is located from the drip tip, the more time the vapour will have to cool when it passes through the chimney.

Cold vapour electronic cigarette kits are therefore mainly oriented towards an indirect inhaling vape.

Small reminder: clearomizers for indirect inhalation prefer the use of e-liquids with a maximum of 50% VG. If you use e liquids with a higher proportion of VG, your coil will clog quickly and its life will be shorter.

Vapour temperature with direct inhalation (DL):

Type of inhalation is often preferred by more experienced vapers, the vapour is more abundant and airy. Coils being more powerful and less than 1.0  ohm (sub-ohm), clearomizers or atomizers dedicated to this type of inhalation require more power. A double battery box is at least recommended for this type of clearomizer. The necessary power being more consequent, the volume of vapour will be it also. The draw will be much airier and the steam hotter. 

Hot vapour atomizers and hot or warm vapour clearomizers are mainly oriented towards direct inhalation.

The drip tips accompanying the majority of sub-ohm clearomizers are in 810 formats. Short and wide, these 810 tips for electronic cigarettes allow the vapour to be opulent and airy. Since the path is shorter from the resistance to the drip tip, this also influences the temperature of the vapour. The hit will be much less pronounced and the vapour will be hotter.

A little reminder: it is advisable to vape e liquids composed of more than 50% VG. The natural viscosity of vegetable glycerin will protect you from leaks on this type of clearomizer.

Many electronic cigarette boxes have a temperature control function. When using the temperature control mode of an electronic cigarette, the mod asks to validate the value of the resistance at room temperature. Then, depending on the difference between the resistivities at room temperature and during heating, the mod deduces the precise temperature of the resistance, and this is thanks to the resistivity coefficient of the latter. It is therefore essential to use the temperature control of an electronic cigarette with suitable materials. The best electronic cigarettes are systematically equipped with the temperature control mode. Be sure to use resistive wires compatible with this mode of use.