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Which atomizer to choose and buy in 2022?

If you are a beginner with electronic cigarettes, you can use our filter tool for rebuildable atomizers. You will be guided to the best reconstructable atomizer  2022 for flavour or even the best BF or MTL dripper of the moment for vapour.

The choice of a rebuildable atomizer in 2022: RTA / RDTA / RDA, for flavour or vapour, is essential depending on the experience sought and their technicality. Thanks to this guide for vapers you should find the style of vape that suits you, to choose the best 2022 atomizer of the moment. Via our  French electronic cigarette shop, you will undoubtedly find a model that meets your needs.

What are the different types of a rebuildable atomizers?

A dripper ( RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is a reconstructable flavour atomizer without a tank whose flavour rendering is generally unmatched by a tank atomizer.

From a technical point of view, the absence of a tank on a vape makes it possible to overcome the problems of sealing related to the quantity of wick and therefore allows greater freedom of assembly.

Recharging a dripper in e-liquid is done by directly soaking the wick. This is the best way to use a flavour dripper. A few drops are enough to use it.

Drippers are often used to taste the best electronic cigarette liquids. Indeed, with the best BF dripper of the moment, the sensations will be increased tenfold. 

The best of RTA

Initials of “Rebuildable Tank Atomiser”, RTA refers to rebuildable atomizers equipped with a tank

The best of RDTA

The RDTA atomizer is a special type of rebuildable atomizer for flavour. Unlike other atomizers, the tank is placed below the atomization chamber.

The best 2022  RDTA type atomizer will offer you excellent flavour rendering and excellent capillarity. But you should know that technically, even the best RDTA will be more difficult to master than an RTA. The interests of the RDTA are to obtain a better flavor and an incomparable capillarity. It is the perfect compromise between the best RTA flavour and the best flavour dripper. The rebuildable RDTA atomizer even has all the advantages since its resistors are located on the upper part (top cap) in a short circuit like the RDA and it has a tank like the RTA.

How to choose the best rebuildable atomizer in 2022?

To obtain the best atomizer 2022  for flavour, you will have to opt for a rebuildable MTL atomizer and not a clearomizer delivered with pre-made resistors for vaping. Indeed, whether with an RDA dripper, an RTA or RDTA atomizer, you will be able to optimize and create your electronic cigarette coils. You will thus obtain a tailor-made vape and an incomparable quality of flavour than with a classic clearomiser. Aficionados will still turn to the best flavour to optimize the flavours as much as possible. Unlike a vape clearomizer, the dripper does not contain a chimney, the path of the flavours is therefore the shortest circuit. It is also on the dripper that e-liquids are tested during competitions or by reviewers. It is easy to switch from one liquid to another without having to empty the tank. But if you have found your All-day, the RTA or RDTA rebuildable atomizer is for you.

You have therefore understood that to obtain the best flavour you had to opt for an MTL rebuildable atomizer, but whether it is for an RTA, RDTA or an RDA, the choice is complex. You will therefore have to compare each atomizer according to your requirements. The list below are all the “options” that the best rebuildable atomizer 2022  must have:

The mounting plate: the configuration of the mounting plate is the most important technical aspect for the user. Depending on their design, they will allow the assembly of a single-coil, or 2 coils, up to 8 coils. Some designs require special assembly, others give free rein to creativity. The Velocity trays offer great ease of assembly, the best RTA 2022  or the best dripper of the moment will necessarily be equipped with them.

The liquid flow function offers the possibility of adjusting the flow of liquid feeding the resistance, thus making it possible to control this variable to obtain the desired vape but also to seal the tank of the atomizer during periods of non-use. 

The filling method: bottom filling involves detaching the atomizer from the mod each time you fill it. The top-filling design avoids this inconvenience and protects you from the risk of leaks as well as premature wear of the threads of your equipment.

The ability to adapt: ​​some clearomizers are designed to accept suitable mounting plates. They, therefore, allow the use of ready-to-use resistors and the mounting of resistors by the user.

The location of the resistance: The closer the resistance is to the user, the hotter the steam produced.

The number of resistors: the mounting plates are very varied. Some designs require a particular assembly while others leave the freedom to choose the number of resistors. We strongly advise beginners to opt for single resistance equipment.

Safety functions: some rebuildable atomizer models for flavour are equipped with a childproof function prohibiting the opening of the tank to “little hands”. 

An atomizer can also have the Bottom Feed function, such as the Dripper Tengu RDA from Geekvape. It can be delivered with an open 510 pin, allowing it to be supplied by a tank present in the box with a large capacity for more practicality.

Now all you have to do is choose the best rebuildable atomizer or the best dripper of 2022 according to your needs. The sub-ohm clearomiser makes it possible to obtain large volumes of vapour combined with very satisfying flavours, and this with pre-made and pre-mounted coils for vapers.