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Open-type Juul competitors UK-popular devices

Juul competitors UKAPOLLO BREZ and GeekVape Aegis Boost are Juul competitors UK-popular devices.

APOLLO BREZ is an open-type vaping kit with replaceable cartomizers and 320mAh batteries.

High economic efficiency, height and tilt angle of the saw blade can be adjusted using the flywheel, ease of operation is secured with these Juul competitors UK-popular devices.

A long battery life is secured with these Juul competitors UK-popular devices.

Built-in 320mAh battery, low power consumption and long life.

All-in-One Design. APOLLO skillfully combines an integrated battery with a 1ml tank in one compact and rugged device.

Minimalistic design. No buttons or switches, just insert a cartomizer and smoke, this pod system is ultra-portable and easy to use.

GeekVape Aegis Boost is another kind of Juul competitors UK-popular devices, this is an open-type starter kit from GeekVape, which belongs to the Aegis range of protected devices whose enclosure is made to IP67 specifications, which guarantees users shockproof housing, as well as protection from dust and moisture. In fact, this device belongs to the modern class of Juul competitors UK-popular devices, that is, strictly speaking, it is a POD system in the form of full-fledged electronics with the ability to directly adjust the power of the user. Thus, the manufacturer offers great freedom to customize the vapor generation by the users according to their preferences. The cartridge of the device is basically semi-serviced – that is, there is no need to replace the entire cartridge as the evaporation part wears out and you can do it only by replacing the evaporation element, which, by the way, at the start of sales of the device are two varieties with different resistance – one is positioned for relatively tight tightening, and the second is designed for tightening a hookah type.

The device will most correctly be considered in the context of two of its component parts – the battery and cartridge;

A simple set of functionality, possessing an excellent combination of several factors ensuring its “hit”, which are compactness, ease of development and basic maintenance, which are often required by many novice users for easy adaptation to the pod system use.