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Sikary Spark 2.0 Kit is the best Juul alternative

Sikary Spark 2.0 Kit is the best Juul alternative and an updated set of novice vapers. The previous set, Sikary Spark, was favorably received by the community of lovers of vapor, so the manufacturer, the company Sikary, slightly changing the design, released a second, revised version. The changes affected the battery case and mouthpiece: they became more streamlined, rounded. The indicator displaying the remaining charge has changed. The remaining characteristics of this best Juul alternative are the same.
The battery case is made of aluminum, the cartridge is plastic. The battery is a flattened cylinder in shape, in pen style format.

The battery may be blue, rainbow or black. Above, there is a contact group hidden in the bowels of the cutout to accommodate the cartridge. A semicircular cutout on its walls allows you to see the remainder of the liquid in the cartridge. In the center, above the Sikary inscription, there is a cutout that acts as an indicator of the degree of residual battery charge. Indication is implemented using LEDs with different colors: red indicates that the charge is low; blue – on average; green – high enough. On the right, on the side, a port for connecting a USB cable is embedded, next to it is an LED that is activated when connected to a charger.

This best Juul alternative manufacturer slightly changed the shape of the mouthpiece, which now has an oval shape, which increased ergonomics. In its predecessor, the mouthpiece was flatter, but shorter, which not everyone liked. The mouthpiece is worn on top of a transparent cartridge, a silicone gasket is hidden under it, with which filling holes are muffled. To add liquid, you need to remove it to free both holes: add liquid to one, excess air will come out of the other. After filling the tank, return all the elements to their place. At the bottom, there are contacts for connecting to the battery.
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