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Sealed cartridge or bottled e-liquid: which one to choose?

Given the dramatic information from the United States and relayed by the media in the fall of 2019, we are entitled to wonder if it is recommended to favour sealed cartridges over e-liquid bottles.

Good reading!

For several months now, we have seen electronic cigarettes flourish in the stalls of our kiosks and supermarkets. These systems are called “closed”, that is to say, that the sealed cartridges are pre-filled with e-liquid. So just put the cartridge on the battery, inhale the liquid and once empty, throw the cartridge to put in a new one. An “open” system, on the other hand, allows you to fill the tank of your e-cig several times and, depending on the model, to throw this tank after about 10 fillings or simply to change the resistance of the tank.

Some information on these so-called “closed” systems

The mass production of these products requires a substantial basic investment. It is therefore mainly the major tobacco companies that manufacture these products.

Once the system is launched, the production cost is minimal and provides a very nice margin to the producer. In addition, these electronic cigarettes guarantee the manufacturer to keep his customer. Indeed, he will now be forced to buy compatible cartridges.

Take the example of a well-known coffee maker. The brand has created coffee machines with its capsules, forcing the consumer to buy the capsules at home. We are here in the same configuration.

You will tell us that today there are around 10 compatible capsules… we will come back to this later!

Sealed cartridge: guarantee of quality?

An argument put forward in favour of these closed systems is that you cannot put just anything in them. Considerable argument considering what has happened in recent months in the United States! But would these closed systems have prevented these people from getting sick or dying?

The answer is no. As with coffee, the competition was quick to develop self-filling cartridges compatible with these devices. With a few clicks on the net, you can find empty cartridges and even machines to fill them easily. We have even heard of people who have found a way to fill cartridges originally intended for single use.

It is now known that people who have fallen ill and/or died in the United States have consumed cannabis products, adulterated and from the black market, which were contained in pre-filled cartridges. These cartridges contained highly harmful substances when inhaled, such as vitamin E acetate. For more information, we invite you to read our article on the subject.

It is, therefore, possible for anyone to provide equipment and fill cartridges with liquids, whether controlled or not and resell them on the black market.

What about liquid bottles in this case?

It is the same, you will tell us! And you’re right. A bottle of e-liquid can be filled carelessly, just like cartridges or a water glass finally.

We will never say it enough: it is imperative to buy your products only in specialized shops! Your health is at stake.

Whether you opt for pre-filled cartridges or bottles of e-liquid, the only guarantee is to rely on a known, identified, professional network that complies with standards and legislation.

Also to know about closed systems

Often, the choice of flavours in proprietary closed systems is limited to 6-7, while you will find nearly 300 flavours in bottles in our assortment alone!

And finally, ecologically speaking, a cartridge that can be filled several times or even an atomizer whose resistance will simply have to be changed will generate less waste, for equivalent consumption, than a single-use cartridge.

Given the elements exposed, it is ultimately the choice of the consumer. As we have pointed out, whether it is “closed” or “open” systems, the only guarantee in terms of quality is to be careful where you buy them.

So we avoid going to a dark alley and buying a bottle of liquid or pre-filled cartridges fallen from the truck! And even more, if they contain illicit products such as THC. ABE!

As with many consumer products, there are good and bad. In the electronic cigarette, some liquids are produced according to strict standards, others are for the black market. And in this area, caution is in order.

Whether closed (pre-filled) or open systems, the most important thing is to always buy your products from official retailers. Your health is at stake!

Thank you for reading