E-Cigarettes in One Place

How to choose your material? Guide

The choice of an electronic cigarette is a tricky question. This is particularly true for new users, who are likely to be disoriented when faced with a plethora of offers. And then, enthusiasm and overconfidence can also push the neophyte to turn to complex and, ultimately, unsuitable products. It is not uncommon to see a first-time vaper leaving a shop, happy as a pope, with a box capable of sending 200 watts into a TFV12. It is a mistake.

For successful weaning, the best equipment to offer a beginner is one that he can use without asking any questions. It is necessary to define the profile of this future vaper on simple criteria to weigh them and offer him the best compromise. This is the importance of going to a specialist shop and getting advice.


This is a determining factor for a heavy smoker who wants to make the “switch”. Running out of battery during the day when you take your first puffs of vape is the best way to be upset and switch back to smoking.

Ease of use

This criterion is essential for the less tech-savvy, easily put off by the abundance of buttons and functions. Models offering predefined modes and few or no settings are reassuring and ideal for getting started. In the same vein, the simplicity of maintenance operations such as filling, changing coils or cleaning will make life easier for first-time vapers.

The type of power supply

Generally speaking, a model with a built-in battery is the best choice for a beginner. Recharging is similar to that of a mobile phone, the user will not have to worry about problems related to the batteries.

The weight and bulk

Many smokers wishing to turn to the vape aspire to practice as easy as smoking. No way for them to bother with a bling-bling box, imposing or noisy in the draw. It is, therefore, better to offer them a fairly discreet model, rather light and easily transportable to best accompany them in their weaning process.


This is undoubtedly the most important criterion. A successful transition to vaping necessarily requires a satisfactory experience in terms of reliability. Equipment of poor quality or offering too limited an experience is very likely to disappoint the user and turn him away from the electronic cigarette.

In summary, get advice from specialists to put the odds on your side.