E-Cigarettes in One Place


The electronic cigarette is a recent market. Today highly regulated, an e-liquid cannot be sold on the market without having passed several checks. What are the standards that apply to e-liquids?

Standard that applies to liquids

An e-liquid without nicotine must comply with a certain number of rules governed by the directive on tobacco products. This European directive, which dates from 2014, sets the rules for the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products and related products (other smoking products, vaping products). To go further, see our article “Electronic cigarettes: a market regulated by TPD”.

This directive requires:

  • The declaration of products to the Ministry of Health before they are marketed.
  • The obligation to inform about the composition and the emissions of the e-liquid.
  • The obligation to provide toxicological information on the ingredients.
  • The obligation to provide studies for certain additives.

Standard that applies to the packaging of an e-liquid

According to the European directive, bottles must be equipped with a device to protect children. Some bottles with acid colours can encourage children to be interested in them. The ISO 8317 standard meets the regulations.

The cap of an e-liquid bottle cannot be opened by a child. You must press and turn at the same time to be able to open your bottle of e-liquid.

You will also find these caps on certain cleaning products.

Standard that applies to the labelling of an e-liquid

The labelling of e liquids is regulated. On your e-liquid bottles, you may notice the presence of certain pictograms.

The batch number that appears on your bottle prevents counterfeits and ensures that the e-liquid is monitored by the manufacturer.

Even if the electronic cigarette market is often controversial and criticized, it is governed by real European regulations. Standards enable consumers to purchase high-quality products. Many recognized brands do not hesitate to comply with them to offer more qualitative products. These certifications also reassure consumers.

In the meantime, good vape to all!